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February In Season Produce

It is already the last month of Summer and although it was forecast to be hot and dry, Mother Nature had other plans. It has been incredibly hot, but incredibly wet. In this blog, we will explore the impact of the unexpected weather on the traditionally in season produce while discovering the vibrant array of […]

Fruits and Veggies in Season for January

Let’s begin by stating the obvious, the weather in late December hasn’t been great. We have had unseasonal rain in the southern states, and a cyclone with widespread flooding in North Queensland. These conditions will absolutely have an impact on the in season produce this January. Seasonal Fruit The weather has affected much of our […]

What Produce is in Season in December?

As Christmas is fast approaching you may be wondering what produce is in season so you can plan for lavish platters while on a budget. Well, look no further, we have an insider who knows just what is coming in and out of season.

What Fruits and Veggies are in Season? 

You may be wondering, what’s in season this November? Well, we have an insider that works in the industry that has told us everything that is growing and slowing this month. Seasonal Fruit Australian fruit loves the heat that spring/summer bring, so November is perfect for all our favourite fruits bringing greater supply, and quality […]

What’s Organic and in Season this October

What’s growing and slowing in October 2023 This October is significantly drier and hotter than the last few years. As a result, Queensland growers are finishing earlier than usual, and the southern guys are off to an early start. Fruit Tropical fruits have started, such as the Northern Territory mangoes that are due this month. It is […]

What’s Organic and in Season this September

What’s Growing and What’s Slowing in September 2023 Spring has started early this year; let’s find out how that effects produce, and what’s in season this month.  Fruit  This month, there are still plenty of apples around, but they will be late-season varieties. The apple growers have had an excellent season and we should have some varieties […]