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Bertolli Organic Olive Oil: simple, clean and pure

At Deoleo we believe that making olive oil should be simple, clean and pure. That’s the way we’ve been doing it for over 150 years.

Like many single-ingredient foods, olive oil is supposed to have just one ingredient that comes from a single source.. you guessed it, it’s olives.

Like orange juice comes from oranges and peanut butter comes from peanuts, olive oil should only come from olives. With our strict internal standards (tougher than legal requirements) we never use contaminants or adulterated oil and you can be certain there is just one single ingredient in a bottle of Bertolli olive oil.

Bertolli organic olive oil is produced to organic farming standards.  If you can have an extra virgin olive oil where no pesticides or chemicals were  used in the growing harvesting or production, why wouldn’t you?

Bertolli has three different extra virgin products in the organic range.  By blending oils from different olive types we have created a range of extra virgin olive oils suited to every taste and cooking occasion.

Each of the three varieties has a different flavour profile.  Bertolli Organic Fruity is our most popular blend, with a well-rounded flavour and low bitterness.  It can be used to drizzle over most meat, pasta and vegetable dishes.  Bertolli Organic Gentile has a mellow flavour that is simple yet nuanced.  It delivers an olive note without overpowering lighter flavours.  Try it with white fish, prawns or white meat and lighter flavoured vegetables.  Bertolli Organic Robusto has a bold, full flavour with a hint of spice at the end and is ideal for those who love a strong olive flavour.  Try it as a bread dipper or in hearty winter dishes or with red meat.  The whole range is 100% olive juice, cold-pressed, bottled and carrying the ACO certified organic logo.

Whatever flavour you prefer try the extra virgin olive oil that is made with 100% organically grown olives, try Bertolli Organic.

Learn more on the Bertolli website.

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