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Cold Brew Coffee Trio

These three tasty cold brew recipes come to us courtesy of Bean Alliance. Whip them up on a warm day using organic cold brew coffee from their bean ground & drunk, Fair Coffee, or Global Cafe Direct brands.

Cold Brew Martini

40ml Vodka

20ml Espresso Liqueur (Aus preferred)

30ml Cold Brew

‘Indulge Your Senses’ Vanilla Syrup to taste

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Pour into martini glass. Garnish with Indulge Your Senses Superfine Dark Chocolate. TIP: Pre-chill the Martini glass.

The Latte Coldie

Fill a large glass/cup with ice. Add coffee to ice (approximately 3/4 total volume). Add cold milk or mylk (approximately 1/4 volume). Serve.

Zesty Cold Brew

1 cup of Cold Brew

1 orange (for zest and skin)

Pour cold brew on ice in a glass. Peel approximately 5cm orange skin, place skin in glass. To serve, garnish with a small amount of freshly grated orange zest.

TIP: For a more intense orange flavour, apply a flame to orange skin – this extracts the oil.

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