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Happy Flame Candles

We wanted to let you know that we are busy hand-making our candles to keep up with all your orders for candle light.

As you know, we are a small business by choice. Over our working life we have worked in many businesses (before creating Happy Flame) and saw that growing a very big business is not always the best.

Hand-making, for example, is definitely for small businesses. It allows us to focus our attention on the details and therefore creating the highest quality.

Our beekeepers have had an extremely difficult year. The drought for the last 3 years has taken a toll on how much honey and beeswax they can create, but the bushfires put real hardship on their lives. One of our beekeepers lost 500 hives in the bush fires… a very sad time.

This highlights why it is so important for us to use beeswax from our local beekeepers, supporting the industry in the good and hard times.

And now the virus and a major economic downturn is making for more difficult times.

It is a time when we are so very grateful for all our supporters who continue to buy their candles from us… thank you. It not only allows us to continue to be here but help others in difficult times.

Our beeswax candles are also finding new homes, bringing calm to busy and stressed families, clearing the air with the negative ion effect and bringing light to rooms.

We look forward to sending out candle light to your home.

You can purchase Happy Flame candles made with certified organic beeswax on their website

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