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Kialla Pure Organics: High-quality flours and wholefoods

The secret to the quality of our products lies in sourcing the best grains from our organic farmers, and then minimally processing these in ways that maximise the nourishment and celebrate the unique taste of each grain.

While we have a long tradition of providing high-quality flours and whole foods, more recently we’ve been inspired to developing innovative ways of making delicious and nutritious organic food available to more people. We believe that not only can healthy choices make a real difference, they can also fit in with our modern lifestyles.

Shoppers must often dedicate a lot of effort to sourcing 100% organic ingredients, so we decided to take our premium and much loved creamy organic oats and combine them with superfoods to create our Protein Smoothies and new Overnight Oats. No nasties, just clean ingredients, and perfectly balanced flavours. No need for buying multiple ingredients, or trying fussy recipes, so it’s just simple, delicious and healthy. There’s a variety of flavours to tempt the tastebuds, including vegan and high protein options, so that people can get the best start to their day with minimum effort and fuss. We’ve also added a vegan option to our popular Pancake Mixes. And we know these mixes are so easy even the kids can have fun making them.

Also, inspired by 2020 when a whole new audience discovered homemade bread, we have a new range of Organic Artisan Bread Mixes. Learning artisan baking skills can be a long and winding road so we aimed to make it easy with our 100% Organic Mixes. We hope these will be a game-changer for those who may have tried and struggled with their bread baking – or those who just want an easier option to bake healthy, real bread. Made with the premium quality flours that we mill ourselves, including wholesome Ancient Grains like Kamut® and a special ingredient of real Sourdough Aromatics to add depth and character to each loaf, the mixes can be baked in the oven or a bread machine. It makes delicious homemade bread easy.

In our mind, the best thing to have come out of our COVID lockdown experiences is the revival in home-baking and the newfound interest in healthy foods as the best way to build resilience in both our immune systems and our food production supply chain.

People are now more aware than ever of the health challenges and issues we face as a society. Our hope is that the world takes this opportunity to focus on food that is more sustainable, nutritionally balanced, and plant-based.

To learn more about the Kialla Pure Organics range and find your nearest stockist, visit their website

Kialla Pure Organics have just launched a range of Artisan Bread Mixes that makes real bread easy! These can be baked in the bread machine or in the oven.

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