Top 6 grocery items to ‘swap’ for certified organic this month

Are you on a health kick after a sluggish winter, or keen to get yourself on one? Why not start it this month, in the most delicious way possible?!

It’s Australian Organic Awareness Month and we’re all being urged to ‘swap in’ an organic product. Opting to add one organic item to your regular grocery shop goes a long way to support Aussie organic farmers but also prioritises personal health, as certified organic produce is free from synthetic chemicals.

So, during your next shop, rethink the milk, brekky muesli, butter or wine you would usually toss into the trolly and look for something certified organic – your tastebuds will thank us later!

PRO TIP: When shopping, keep an eye out for The Bud logo, which is the sure-fire way of knowing the product is legitimately certified organic.

Here are our top six grocery list items you can easily switch in this month to kick off your organic journey:


Searching for some beef or lamb for the barbie? Look no further than Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co’s Cleaver’s Organic beef and lamb. The team has pioneered the organic meat industry both here in Australia and internationally. The Cleaver’s range is the most successful organic meat brand in Australia and, because of that, it’s easy to source. Find it in more than 1000 supermarkets and independent stores across the country.

If white meat is more your thing, Enviroganic Farm’s organic chicken and turkey are for you. The animals are raised naturally among gentle valleys in southern New South Wales, where they roam free in the fresh air and sunshine, eating certified organic pastures. And speaking of chook, Inglewood Organic specialises in chicken that is simply better for you and a perfect one to switch in. Rest assured, the meat is synthetic chemical and antibiotic free, grown at nature’s pace and, as a result, you’ll enjoy delicious meat that is lean and succulent.


It’s something most of us eat every day, so why not swap your morning yoghurt for the organic variety? Jalna has a huge range of certified organic goodies and all its yoghurts are made using milk from certified organic Australian dairy farms. That means no synthetic chemicals from a team that believes the less processed their food is, the better it tastes and the better it is for you. When you see The Bud logo on Jalna products, you can be confident it’s been organically certified from the cow to the supermarket fridge.

While we’re talking dairy, you simply must try The Organic Milk Co’s range of butter and cheese. Its cows stay healthy through farming practices that are free from the use of synthetic pesticides, GMOs and antibiotics. The cows that provide milk for the delicious butter and tasty cheese have a pretty incredible life – they roam with an average of two cows per hectare of clean, green pastured land, the equivalent of having just four cows grazing on the Melbourne Cricket Grounds!


If, like us, you can’t start your day without a piping cup of aromatic coffee, this could be the perfect organic “swap” for you. The team at bean ground & drunk has been producing ethically-sourced, certified organic coffee since 1999 and are trailblazers in the sustainable space. You can find its Melbourne-roasted products in your local Coles or Woolworths stores. Sourced from some of the world’s best regions, the beans are made from 100% pure organic Arabica and you can pick up whole beans, pre-ground or even the newly-launched capsule range that have been conveniently developed for Nespresso machines. With this organic coffee, you’ll be your own favourite barista in no time.

Olive Oil

Whether you’re drizzling olive oil over a salad, soaking it up with fresh sourdough, or using it in cooking, you want the simplest, cleanest and purest oil available – right? Your perfect swap is Bertolli organic olive oil, which has been around for more than 150 years, so you know it’s produced the old fashioned, clean, way. The olives are grown, harvested, pressed and bottled without the use of any synthetic chemicals or pesticides. The high standards used to produce the oil means you can be sure of the quality and certain there is just one single ingredient in Bertolli’s bottles – olives. We all known extra virgin olive oil is good for us, so if there’s one free of synthetic pesticides and chemicals, why wouldn’t you choose it?


What do you get when you combine incredibly healthy vines and your love of wine? An extraordinary drinking experience! This month, swap your usual drop for an Angove bottle, made by Australia’s largest certified-organic grape grower and winemaker. Their wide range of wines have been made with the gentlest touch and minimal inputs – free from synthetic herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. The team at Angove are leaders in the industry and their biodynamic vineyards compete with the very best in the McLaren Vale and Riverland regions. And because the wines are produced in such a healthy way, you will experience the purity of the fruit in every single sip.


Here’s the ultimate better-for-you certified organic food swap, thanks to the team at Murray River Organics. They sure know how to keep our bellies full… from breakfast to dinner and all the delicious snacks in between. Start your day right with their moreish organic muesli mixes blended with premium organic oats, delicious fruit and nuts. The Murray River Organics range of grazing and snacking options is also extensive… think organic dried apricots, sultanas and trail mixes – all produced sustainably with your wellbeing in mind. And if you don’t mind indulging at the end of a long day, be sure not to neglect their organic fruits and nuts coated in a silky smooth organic cashew mylk chocolate.

Find out more about Australian Organic Awareness Month and how you can get involved this month here. Don’t forget to send us your organic swaps for a chance to win a bundle of certified organic goodies worth over $250!*

*Terms and conditions apply

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