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What’s Organic and In Season this August

As we begin to see the end of winter, let’s see what’s in season this month!


There are still plenty of apples available, but some varieties have dropped off with a few more to follow later in the month.

That said, it has been a good season for the apple growers, so expect to have some apples through to the start of the new season in Jan 2024.

South Australia has had their second ordinary season in a row, and are leading the charge by finishing Gold Delicious, and Granny Smiths.  Tasmania still has good stocks as do the Stanthorpe growers, though perhaps not in the same quantity or quality as last year.

Pears have had a really hard run in 2023. Volumes are down and what is available is certainly a lesser grade than we are used to seeing, normally we would have pears through to October and beyond in a ­good year. This season I expect that they will finish in August, except maybe for some product coming out of Western Australia.

In stores this month you will see good stocks of bananaspapayas and strawberries, also rockmelons, honeydews and a few watermelons and passionfruit coming from North Queensland. Although, North Coast strawberries shortened up a little with the wet weather but expect them to recover as things get drier and warmer.

There will be plenty of citrus, such as Eureka and Meyer lemonstangelos, Navel oranges, some Blood orange and limesMandarins are the hero fruit of August with good stocks of Imperials, Ellendale’s, Honey Murcott and Afourer’s.  There are also plenty of grapefruits available in August, both Ruby and Yellow. 

Some nice blueberries coming up from the Adelaide Hills, although supply has been short, and prices high, there does seem to be more volume hitting the market. Growers in the Wide Bay area will start mid to late August, that normally sees a price correction with the growers needing to shift more product.

There are still plenty of avocados around, they had a bumper crop last year and this year is not that far behind. The over supply is good for consumers, but the sustained low prices will put some pressure on the growers.


August is peak veggie growing season for Queensland farmers and it has certainly been a better year, as they have now had two horror seasons in a row. That said it is not all smooth sailing, with planting gaps, weather issues and a late Southern crop to compete with. A lot of the Queensland farmers are really feeling the accumulated pressure of the last few years.

The Southern guys have had it a little easier, with produce from Victoria and Tasmania still available. The good news for the consumer is that there are plenty of cabbagescauliflower and broccoli available at near record low prices.

Silverbeetkalesalad varieties and Asian veg are all in good supply, and at good prices. Rocket has been a little short with mildew issues, but we expect supply to improve as the month goes on.

The Queensland carrot season has started a little late with growers in the Brisbane and the Lockyer Valley harvesting. Even though the Southern guys are finishing, there is a new player in the Queensland carrot market, so we are expecting prices to stay low this year.

Potatoes are coming on strong from Queensland, it has been a drier season than last year, so hopefully a better one for our growers. Jap and butternut pumpkin are in good supply and at good prices. Sweet corncherry tomatoes and green beans are available from North Queensland but in shorter supply than normal for this time of year. Onions are around, but expect prices to increase and quality to decrease, until the Southern growers start again. The Queensland onion season is reasonably short and supply light.

Tomatoes are improving, as are cucumber and zucchinis, this trend should continue particularly if we get some warmer, drier weather towards the end of month.

Expecting decent volumes of capsicumbeetroot and eggplant and an abundance of celery again this year. 

All up August 2023 will be a pretty good year for vegetables, maybe even too good, with a lot of growers talking about a saturated market.

Have a great August and remember to eat all your colours.

The Team at United Organics

Image: The Diggers Club

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