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Winter Produce: What’s In Season for June 2024?

Winter is officially upon us in Australia, so it’s time to find out what organic fruits and veggies are on the menu this June!

As you might know, variety can be a little harder to come by if you’re searching for fruits in the winter months. Rather than reinvent the wheel, it can be a great time to enjoy the freshness and consistency of basics such as Citrus and Apples.

Early winter is the best time of year to savour a spectacular Apple and there are loads of varieties to choose from. Pears are much the same, and you can’t really go wrong with any variety.

Avocadoes are plentiful with several varieties on offer to consumers – expect the prices to improve as the most wears on. Kiwifruit is also in season and the quality has been great so far in 2024.

As for citrus, Lemons are coming on strong while Mandarins are just starting to pick up – expect to see Imperials and Daisy in stores. Navel Oranges are plentiful, but Cara Cara or Blood Oranges won’t be around much until a little later this year. You can also expect to see the beginning of Tangelos and Pomelos in June. Limes are in full swing, great quality and at low prices, while Ruby Grapefruit is in good supply too.

Queensland Strawberries have started, Expect quality to rise and prices to come down as the month progresses. Availability of Rockmelon and Watermelon out of North Queensland will also get better throughout the month, while Papaya supply is improving from Cooktown.

Now, let’s get to the real star performers of winter – the veggies!

Winter is peak vegetable growing season for Queensland, with all of the Brassicas coming out of the Brisbane and Lockyer Valley areas. Expect to see great quality Cabbages, Broccoli and Cauliflower, all at good prices. Leafy greens like Lettuce, Kale, Silverbeet and Chard are plentiful and coming out of multiple regions.

Fennel, Leek and Parsnips are other examples of great winter lines that are fantastic at this time of year, and there is solid supply at the moment. Zucchini and Eggplant have started in Queensland and are looking great, while Carrots are still in good supply from the southern regions with Queensland expected to kick off in July. Potatoes from Queensland will start to arrive in mid-June to bolster availability, but you can expect higher than usual prices for Onions at this time of year, with quality also leaving a little to be desired.

All in all, June is a fantastic time to raise your vegetable intake with some hearty stews and other winter classics. As for the fruits, keep it simple and get all your vitamins by working through all the new varieties of apple and citrus.

Enjoy the weather this month, and remember to eat all of your colours!

The Team at United Organics

Image: The Diggers Club

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