How can Producers get involved this Awareness Month?

Are you a certified organic producer, or looking to become one?

Australian Organic Awareness Month (or AOAM for short) is all about supporting the certified organic industry in Australia. As a producer, certified organic or not, there are so many ways you can get involved this September.

For conventional producers, you can begin by learning more about becoming certified organic, including organic standards and the certification process.

For certified organic producers, you can get involved by educating consumers on why certified organic is the better choice, explaining the importance of looking for organic certification marks, and letting them know where they can buy your certified organic produce.

We’ve put together a few simple ways you can get involved.

Help to Educate Others About What You Do

As a certified organic producer, you know best! You know how much time, effort, love and care has been put into producing certified organic products. You also know how your efforts have helped to produce products that are a better choice for your customers and the environment.

If you have a website or social media, try including some information about how your certified organic farm operates and how your products are made. Australian shoppers are becoming increasingly more aware and concerned about where their purchases come from, so giving them an insight into your business will help to build trust and transparency.

You can also let them know about the importance of certification marks and the difference between certified and non-certified organic products.

You can also let shoppers know where they can buy your products, or if you attend local farmers’ markets. If there is anything shoppers love most, it’s knowing where their products have come from, meeting the people behind them, and learning to appreciate just how much time and effort goes into making them.

Download the Digital Supporter Kit

Our AOAM Digital Supporter Kit includes a range of digital assets including email signatures, social media tiles and cover images featuring our iconic Awareness Month branding so you can show your support and help to spread the word about Certified Organic this September online.

Learn More About Becoming Certified Organic

Looking to convert your operation to certified organic? Australian Organic Limited (the peak body for organics in Australia) provides a collection of resources and information to help you learn more about organic standards and certification. You can even download and watch previous webinars about certification, and read articles in their quarterly e-magazine, Australian Organic Connect.

Visit the Australian Organic Limited website for more information.

Media Publicity for AOL Members

If you are a certified organic operator and a licensee of the Bud certification logo or a member of Australian Organic Limited (AOL), make sure you get in touch to discuss media publicity opportunities throughout Awareness Month and the rest of the year.

Contact them to find out more:

Join our Social Media Campaign

Social media is one of the easiest ways to let customers know about your business. There are several ways you can join our social media Awareness Month campaign:

  • Follow @budorganicclub on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use our AOAM Stickers in your Instagram and Snapchat stories – simply search for ‘AOAM’ when looking for Stickers
  • Use the hashtags #AOAM2021, #ChooseOrganic, #AustOrganic and #WhyOrganic on your organic posts, and make sure to tag or mention @budorganicclub
  • Share your inspiring organic farming stories with us
  • Help to promote your organic brand or business – educate consumers about your products and why they should choose organic
  • Share your organic recipes – recipes are always a winner on social media, so make sure you tag us in your delicious organic recipes!


Get Involved this September

However you decide to get involved this Australian Organic Awareness Month, remember to always look for the ‘Bud’ logo and other organic certification marks to know you’re choosing a truly organic product.

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Whether you’re a certified organic retailer or simply sell certified organic products in your store, there are so many ways you can get involved this September.
We are excited to announce chef, MasterChef winner and co-host, and co-founder of the Three Blue Ducks, Andy Allen, as our 2021 Awareness Month ambassador.