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What’s in Season this May

Some organic ‘What’s in Season’ tips from Brisbane’s United Organics for May.


The basics are the winners in Fruit this May. There’s lots of Apples, from lots of regions, with pretty much every variety available. Apples will be good quality, in good quantity, and priced accordingly.

Pears are the same with Southern Qld and South Australia producing decent quantities for the cooler months.

Citrus are coming on strong with Navel Oranges leading the charge, these are mainly coming out of Victoria and South Australia. Limes and Grapefruit will be coming in fresh from North Queensland and the drought on Eureka Lemons is finally over with several regions now producing.

Blood Oranges and Tangelo’s may make an appearance towards the end of the month.

Hass Avocadoes have just started out of Queensland and Central NSW, these should continue now for several months. There are still Sharwills, Wurtz and Reed avo’s in the market, and traditionally these get cheaper when the Hass season begins.

Grapes will finish up mid to late May. Aussie Kiwi Fruit from NSW central coast has started and will be in good supply. Strawberries are still coming out of the Southern States, but the cooler weather usually finishes them towards the end of the month. Queensland Strawberries will come on mid-May.

The only exotics this month are Dragonfruit out of North Queensland, both Red and White varieties.


Vegetables are in plentiful supply this month, just about every state producing. Many retailers are sourcing mainly from Victoria and Tasmania, with some good salad vegetables starting to come out of the Brisbane Valley.

Salad lines are all plentiful with the exception of Kale, it has been short the last couple of weeks and we expect it to remain short until the Qld growers start harvesting, which should be early May.

Tomatoes are slowing down south and have not yet started in Qld, they are short in supply and therefore expensive.

Brassicas are thick on the ground. Broccoli and Cauliflower in good supply with only regional shortages for brief periods. If you are like us and you have been hanging out for a Brussel Sprout, then you are in luck, but you will need to be quick!

Brussel Sprouts have just started, but like every year quantities are light, which keeps the prices up. These are hard to grow organically (the bugs love them!) plus they are labour intensive, which explains their perpetual sparsity.

Qld growers should start with their Brassicas late May at best.

Red and Green cabbage will be in plentiful supply, Fennel has just started and Green Beans are also plentiful. Onions and Potatoes are in good supply coming out of Vic and Tasmania, with growers in Qld starting around June.

Notables are good quality Sweet Corn out of the Qld mid-coast and Japense Pumpkins which are back on price and in high supply. Leeks, Chokos, Capsicum and Eggplant are all available in abundance.

Enjoy the last month of Autumn and remember to eat all of your colours!

The Team from United Organics

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